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Choosing a rug is like choosing a piece of art. All the rugs on our shop are unique with their own story.

At Tibladin you will find a wide variety of original Moroccan rugs: Beni Ourain rugs, kilim rugs, Boucherouite rugs and other wool and cotton rugs. The Beni Ouarain, Boucherouite og kilim rugs are handwoven by the people of the Berber tribe living in the Atlas Mountains.

The rugs found under the category for “other wool rugs” are designed and handwoven by skilled women artisans that are part of a women’s cooperative south of Marrakech. Made according to Moroccan weaving traditions, these rugs are a perfect match for a Scandinavian or modern style home.

I carefully choose which rugs to sell on the shop by making sure that the wool is of the highest quality. I take of my shoes, stand on the rug and let my feet sink in – this way I can feel the quality of the wool, how soft it is and how well the material cushions my feet.