Feather wall decoration juju hat – dark brown mix and white


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Juju hat in a mix of brown nuances at the brim and a white centre. 40-50 cm.

The juju hat is a personal and unusual wall ornament for your home. There is only one in this exact design.

The feather hat is delivered folded in an organic tote bag with a small scent bag which can easily be hung behind the hat to keep away any moths or other insects.

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You will receive your Juju hat in our pretty, reusable and signature Tibladin bag. When you have unfolded the hat you can brush the feathers gently with a soft brush to bring them into shape.

Since the Juju hat is made of natural materials – feathers and raffia – they may attract moths.

With the hat comes a small Tibladin drawstring bag filled with fragrant, dried lavender and a cedar wood ball to keep moths away. You can leave the cedar wood ball on the ornament when it is mounted on the wall.

Both the tote bag and its content is organic and made of sustainable materials. If the cedar wood ball loses its scent over time, you only need to sand it with some sandpaper and the scent comes back.

Tibladin also recommends that you spray your Juju hat with insect spray every other month.


When creating a personal interior decor, the element of surprise can be a great tool. Give your walls new life with this decorative Juju hat. Every art piece is unique and woven in raffia and real chicken feathers and plumes that have been attached individually.

Juju hats are made in Cameroon, Africa and have become extremely popular in interior design where both hotels, restaurants and private homes have used the beautiful ornaments. Originally these were used by royals in Cameroon as hair decorations for ceremonies. They represent a bird’s ability to reach the sky.

Decorate your walls with a mixture of pictures, Juju hats and mirrors for a playful, modern and sophisticated look. The Juju hat is delivered folded. When you receive it, you untie the string and unfold your new Juju hat.

Hang it on the wall with a nail.