Glass jar – tall model


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Jars in glass and beaten silver metal with lid. Handmade by Moroccan artisans.

Perfect for cotton pads, cotton buds or as pretty decoration in your window.

With each jar comes a black tassel on a silk string. If you want a different colour than black, please write it in the comment section on your order.



The glass jars can be washed in mild, soapy water. If the silver piece gets too much patina, and you instead want a more polished look, a silver polish can be used.


Pretty storage. It is safe to say that most people enjoy being surrounded by beautiful things in their home, and if these things, in addition, can be used for storage then that is even better! I love small trinkets that can add to the decor and give a sense of warmth and that lovely, Moroccan mystique.

These jars are made handmade in glass and metal which have been hand-beaten to create a beautiful pattern. For this reason, each jar is unique and small variations and imperfections may occur.

The jars have not been approved for food storage. They have been created as a decorative element for your home for example in your bathroom or in your windowsill.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 cm