Handwoven cotton rug, Aswad


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Black, handwoven rug in cotton and linen with a grey/brown pattern and tassels on the sides. A beautiful and elegant rug with a touch of Morocco. Adding this rug to your home is an easy way to create warmth and add personality to any space.

This rug is perfect for the bedroom, guestroom, bathroom, kitchen and/or hallway.

The rug measures 65×139 centimeters.

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To clean, vacuum the rug regularly, and air and shake it outside from time to time. The easiest way to remove stains is to immediately
absorb the spill/stain with a clean cotton cloth or kitchen towel and then carefully dap (not rub!) the stain away with a clean, damp cotton cloth.
This rug is made from cotton and linen on a polyester frame.

This rug is dry cleanable


Adding rugs to your home creates a cozy and homy feeling while absorbing sound for better acoustics.

It’s easy to add a cozy and homely feel to any space with Moroccan rugs. The handwoven rugs made from cotton and linen on a frame of polyester are developed in collaboration with a designer from
Marrakech. Together we create rugs that are perfect for the Scandinavian and modern style home with a touch of warmth and mystery that adds personality to your home décor.

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Dimensions 139 × 65 cm