Moroccan luxury hammam towel/throw


Handwoven Hammam towel in 100%  organic cotton. The towel is blue/ grey with a beautiful pattern, embroidered hem and bobbin lace made by hand.

Completely unique and can be used as a towel, a throw, on your bed or over a chair.

Dimensions: 200×90 cm.

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The towel is 100% cotton and can be wasted at 60 degrees celsius. However, we recommend washing it at 30 degrees, since the towel is handwoven and washing at a higher degree may change the structure of the fabric.


With the hammam towel the possibilties are endless. Use the towel as a blanket or throw on your sofa or as a decorative element at the foot of your bed. Take the towel the beach and use it both as towel or as your sarong.

The hammam towel is crafted in high quality cotton with the most beautiful details in the weaving.

The hammam towel is handwoven by women in a women’s cooperative south of Marrakech. The corporative employs 160 women in a small village and therefore contributes in increasing the living standard in many families. A school and daycare have been established for these women’s children, giving them an education and a safe space while their mothers work.

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Dimensions 200 × 90 cm