How do we work sustainably?

I work to improve my environmental impact both personally and in terms of my company on a daily basis. Waste sorting is a natural part of my every day, I drive an electrical car and shop organic and sustainable groceries.

I select my suppliers based on several criteria such as whether they have a sustainable and environmentally friendly production process, that no resources are wasted and the materials being used are naturally sourced and, if possible, organic. I make sure to research that the colors are natural, that the glazing is non-toxic etc. Another aspect I consider when choosing suppliers is social sustainability. I support local artisans and women’s cooperatives that work to get more women into the workplace thus helping to improve the living conditions in Moroccan villages.

To avoid overconsumption, I only order products in smaller quantities according to demand to refill my own stock.

I deliver poufs without stuffing as it is more environmentally friendly and sustainable to stuff them with one’s own materials such as clothes you no longer use, old duvets, pillows or crumpled up newspaper.

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging and Shipping

When buying products for my store, I ask my suppliers to use as little packaging as possible – as long as it is still safe to send. I then reuse the packaging and boxes when I ship the products to you. If I need to buy extra packaging material, I choose sustainable types when possible. 

The Story of Tibladin